You know Corey had to bless the Main Chicks...  5150 LIP$$ will keep those DSL's moist and hydrated with a seductive shine.  The names are funny but the quality is not a joke.  Our formula's comfortable wear, ingredients and perfomance have more in common with high-end lip care than common drugstore brands.  Try it for yourself and become a believer!   


* Never sticky

* coushiony comfortable texture

* adds lustrous shine to lips

* smoothes fine lines for a plump appearance

* moisturize softens lips 

* order as many as you like for one low shipping fee!

BABY MAMA DRAMA (bold pink color)

$15.00 Regular Price
$9.75Sale Price
Pink/Peachy Nude: Neutral Pink
  • i coat for a sheer tint. 2-3 coats provides highly picgmented bold color.  this pink also double as lip stains - where a hint of color remains on lips even after product wears off.  12-hour color so you dont have to reapply as often