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Luxurious Head-to-Toe Body Balm


Can be used from head to toe including hair/scalp.  Get a free sample of our "No Mo Ash" body butter for a limited time when you purchase the 5150 HUMAN LUBE!


- Travel friendly semi solid consistency wont drip everywhere or spin in your bag like   other body oils.


- Organic oils, butters and waxes impart a rich luxurious feel that stays on skin longer


- Unique blend of plant extracts including Bee Propolis rich in properties to address       severe dry skin,     chapped, cracked itchy skin conditions.


- Wont leave a sticky/greasy feeling or stain sheets


- Fast absorbing, without excessive rubbing 


- Alittle does a long way


- Smells clean & sexy!


- generoous 16oz size while supplies last!



copy of HUMAN LUBE

  • priority shipping but please allow upto 7-10 days for processing

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