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Our very own 'Entaglement Kit' for the Nation!   


But these items are NO gimmick - Prepare to be amazed at the premium feel & quality.  We help you ditch the  chemicals, as our  products are made on the plant & vegetable side of the game.




SKIN WASH (4oz) - Present yo body parts with confidence after washing up with this Paraben-Free Luxurious Bath & Shower Gel. Nourishes & pampers while cleansing skin.


BODY LUBE (4oz) - feed yo skin with organic oils that deliver high levels of antioxidants while protecting, nourishing and repairing your skin. DELIGHTFUL SCENT!!!


SUPPLE HANDS (4oz) - will moisturize and make any body part soft that’s not meant to be hard. Our formula incorporates plant extracts and vitamin A C & E. Ashy-ness stays away and skin in left softer, smoother, naturally healthy looking. 


PURE PORES (2oz) - Scrub the goo that has embedded a home under your skin with this amazing astringent - get rid of the bumps and Oreo cookie neck. prevents/improves razor bumps, ingrown hairs, cools and soothes razor burn, redness & irritation from shaving, etc... (do not apply near eyes/nose)


CRACK PROOF (2oz) - Banish those dry cracked elbows, knees & hard back feet.  shoes too tight? thighs rub together? reduce friction & chafing w/our sweet smelling non-greasy balm. No better feeling than riding off from whoever crib knowing the easy to rust areas are presentable.. 


HAIR BUTTA (2oz) - Monoi butter is a lightweight moisturizer, smoothes hair cuticle for lustrous shine and manageability.  Conditions & softens hair with no heavy buildup or residue.  Perfect wave cream for men.  


LIP LARD -  This is NOT chapstick!  but rather a lip treatment that conditions lips with a lasting layer of protection leaving your lips feeling comfortable & moisturized


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